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John Strachan and Lorna Spenceley

Staple Tye online is edited by councillor Lorna Spenceley, case worker John Strachan and the Staple Tye Liberal Democrat Team.

Staple Tye online is here to keep local residents in touch with what's happening in our area. Let us have your views and comments.

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Friday, 4 July 2008

Joyners Field fence

The fence that runs along the cycle path behind 61-88 Joyners Field is badly damaged in a poor state of repair. Following an approach from the local police, council officers have suggested removing or replacing it. The preference of the police is to remove it entirely. Do you live in this block at Joyners Field? What do you think the council should do? Send us your views.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Litter picking

Local councillor Lorna Spenceley has taken up a complaint about litter not being picked in the garden area in front of the Chinese Centre, especially near the pagoda. This area should be included in the council's regular litter picking schedule.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008


An outbreak of 'HQC' graffiti on an estate name board at Barleycroft has been cleaned up, after local councillor Lorna Spenceley reported it to Contact Harlow.

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Moorfield garage project

Disappointingly, only four residents, apart from residents' association chairman Derek Coles, turned up at the special meeting called by the residents' association for people whose rear garden wall backs on to the Moorfield garage block which is scheduled for demolition and replacement.

Two thirds of those who replied to the residents' association survey support the option of reducing the height of the wall - and all those who attended the meeting were in favour.

Legal note: as I've attended this meeting and discussed the matter with residents, I now won't be allowed by law to consider it if it needs to be put to the Planning Committee as a planning application!

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Surgery at Barleycroft

Su and I held the second of our regular surgeries at 40 Barleycroft this evening.

When Su arrived, she noticed that the garden fence between 39 and 40 Barleycroft had blown down, so we reported it straight away by email to Jane at the council, who's responsible for consultation with residents in Barleycroft and Lower Meadow, and therefore for the building.

Our next surgery at 40 Barleycroft is on Wednesday 9 April, from 6:00pm to 7:00pm. If you're a resident of Barleycroft or Lower Meadow, do drop in - you don't need an appointment.

Police public meeting

A public meeting for residents of Staple Tye has been called by the local neighbourhood police team. It will take place on Wednesday 26 March at seven o'clock at the Gateway church on Perry Road - and refreshments will be provided. All residents of the ward are invited to come along and meet their local police team.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Staple Tye police meeting

Su and Lorna attended the local police neighbourhood action panel at The Briars, to discuss a range of community safety issues in Staple Tye. Priorities remain graffiti across the ward, drug dealing and the Chinese Centre (following the recent bin fires).

Harlow now has 32 Police Community Support Officers, compared to the four that were in place before Harlow Council took the decision to part-fund four additional PCSOs for the town. Su says:
"The Council has been attacked by the Conservatives for taking the decision to fund a boost in the number of PCSOs in Harlow, but the growth in numbers that has resulted has shown how right we were to take this decision. Unlike the Conservatives, most residents really value the work that our local PCSOs do, and the links they have with the community."
Don't forget you can find out what's happening in the the local neighbourhood police team on their web site - and that 07896 813033 is the mobile number to ring to contact the local police team about local issues. (Police emergencies should continue to be reported on 999, and non-urgent incidents to the police station on 641212).

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